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Bike Wait List

Why is it so hard to find a bike?

Bike sales during 2020 were up over 200%, which brought the entire supply of US bikes to zero!  Combine that with the time frame for manufacturing and a limited ability to increase capacity, and the bike shortage keeps getting worse.  Factories take 6-12 months to deliver a bike once a manufacturer orders a bike, and most factories are only able to increase capacity by 10%. Simultaneously shipping, material, and labor costs have increased.  Ouch!

This means it will be harder and harder for local bike shops to get inventory over the next few seasons.

The good news is we have ordered as many bikes as we can from some of the best brands in the bike industry, so we have new inventory coming every month.

Get on the list!

We have all types of bikes on backorder. Chances are one will be right for you.  Let us know what type of bike you are looking for, and we will contact you when a bike that fits your needs is available.  

We will find a bike for you!